Prom Dreams Ministry

Making Prom possible for ALL teens


If you would like to volunteer to help with our Prom Dreams Ministry this year, please contact Tresa at 580-239-1323. 

Prom Dreams

Volunteer Descriptions

Personal Shopper – Your #1 goal is to make your teen feel special and cherished during the approximate hour you spend with him/her.  You will assist them in the dress boutique and complete necessary forms regarding inventory of clothing, jewelry, and shoes as well as gathering information regarding need for hair and makeup services.

Hair Stylist or Makeup Artist – You do not have to be professional. Although we do have several local hair stylists who offer free services and Makeup Representatives who furnish makeup. We love all the help we can get to make these kids feel as special as those who can afford these pleasures.

Photographer- You do not have to be professional, but if you have a special interest in photography, we like to furnish photo packages to students who return the items borrowed from Prom Dreams Ministry.

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